About Ajit Nair

A dedicated professional with more than 15 years of leadership experience, Ajit Nair has been recognized multiple times for his contributions to the business community. As the CEO and founder of ProV International, Ajit Nair has received notice from The International Business Awards as Best Management Information Systems and Information Technology Executive and was chosen as a finalist for Best Executive at The American Business Awards. His most recent recognition was a Merit Citation from the Utah State University Alumni Association.


Ajit Nair graduated from Utah State University in 1996 with a Master of Business Administration and founded his first company, Aces International, soon thereafter. Nair built Aces International from a simple two-person operation into a multimillion-dollar, international systems integration firm. In 2003, Nair founded ProV International, a company that was recognized within only a few years for its vision and impact in the field of information technology.


Throughout his endeavors, Ajit Nair utilized the core teachings of Utah State University to help him find success. As a recipient of the Alumni Association’s Merit Citation, Nair was recognized for his abilities as a problem solver and analytical thinker, both highly prized skills that are emphasized at the school. Since becoming a business leader, he has given back to Utah State University in his own way by hiring as many graduates from the school as he can.


Ajit Nair earned the Merit Citation not just for his business expertise, but also for his philanthropic pursuits. A member of The Indus Entrepreneurs, Nair used his business sense to develop ways to contribute to his hometown of Mumbai, India. His other efforts include an emphasis on working with orphanages.


Nair’s Merit Citation from the Utah State University Alumni Association is only one of many honors that have been bestowed upon him as the head of ProV International. The firm has also been named High Growth Company of the Year by ITFlorida and one of the Best Places to Work by the Tampa Bay Business Journal.



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